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Latest build Version 3VO.2.50.080809

Included in the ROM (3VO.2.50.080809):

Features (you speak, I listen!):

  • New 23017 Windows Mobile 6.5 Standard core
  • Updated drivers and scripts
  • ROM Performance "tune up"
  • UI Tweaks and additional Settings added for FULL customization
  • Custom Phone Canvas
  • WM 6.5 3VOLUTION Custom Titanium Sliding Panels
  • Many additional panels
  • Titanium Weather Panel (by Showaco, thanks!)
  • Option for Weather Icon on Clock Panel
  • Customized OEM packages
  • Customized splashes, backgrounds, canvas, and icons
  • New custom HTC Dialer canvas
  • Updated Settings and Scripts for better customization
  • Custom 3VO Style Menu's
Programs and Applications:
  • HTC Album and Comm Manager
  • HTC Camera and Camcorder
  • Internet Explorer 5.0
  • JBED and Opera Mini 4.2
  • CeleTask and CeleCmd
  • Titanium Configurator
  • Titamiun Refresh
  • Office Mobile (including Pocket Word, Excel, and Powerpoint)
  • Office OneNote
  • Notepad
  • Windows Live (application and Titanium Panel)
  • Remote Desktop Client
  • SIM Manager and Task Manager
  • USB to PC
  • Basehue
  • Resco Explorer and Resco Regedit
  • OMAP Clock Set and OMAP Clock GUI (set clock speeds at idle and utilization)
  • SIM tools (including threading toggler)
  • WM5torage
  • Start Menu View Toggler (toggle from icon view to list view)
  • Adobe Reader LE 2.0
  • ClockOnTop Application (Settings to enable or disable in Date/Time)
  • SMS Bubbles app (Thanks Samon)
  • Set JogBar
  • Auto Keylock
  • RSS Hub
  • Light Config
  • eT9 Changer and Default Browser button selector
  • NETCF 3.5
  • 3VO Transparent Wallpaper 2.50
  • 3VO Button Customizer (Customize what your keys and buttons do)
  • ROM is Application unlocked


[Release 2.50 8-8-2009]
3VO.2.50.080809 Download here <-- Get it now!
3VO.2.50.080809 Download Mirror <-- Coming soon!

Changes and fixes:
  • Built on the new 23017 core
  • ALL bugs reported fixed
  • Services optomized for speed and performance
  • Additional ring styles added
  • 3VO UI Tweaks added
  • 3VO Button Customization added
  • Customization for every corner of ROM
  • Toggle between Titamium Panels and Original Sliding Panels
  • Toggle Glossy Beveled Bars
  • Transparent Wallpaper 2.5
  • Updated Drivers for performance
  • Updated Custom Phone Canvas and Dial Screens
  • Updated Settings panel
  • Preview on Calender condensed mode
  • new 3VO Keymap changer (7 keyboard layouts)
  • updated ET9 with support for 11 languages
  • JBED bottom cutoff problem fixed

Special Thanks OOKPA Rom Cooker from XDA Devolopers
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