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  • The navigation is incredible intuitive. Its really easy to navigate through Feeds and their posts ONLY using the D-Pad .. No more soft-keys, or back buttons. The soft-keys are used for some advanced features, but I normally never leave the D-Pad.
  • FreeRange loads full post text (essentially the web page the RSS post links to) in its own viewer/web browser which is very fast and very lightweight.
  • Syncing RSS Feeds is very fast.
  • RSS article titles wrap so I can read the entire title before going on to read the full article.
  • FreeRange supports FULLSCREEN mode! I feel like my viewable area has almost doubled.
  • You can search all your Feeds for keywords (I am looking for a new HDTV, so now i can search all my Deal RSS feeds for the term “hdtv” and it’ll list all the relevant articles — to bad it doesn’t make them any more affordable!)
  • You can “Clip” articles. If you find an article that interests you, “clip” it which copies the article to a special “Clips” folder in FreeRange. Pretty cool way to “remember” to read an article in full.
  • FreeRange has an offline mode that lets you .. ok, I’m not even going to go into this. It’s pretty cool if frequently don’t have signal. (Planes, basement IT office, coal mines, etc.)
  • Make your FreeRange account in the FreeRange client when you use it for the first time (ignore any warnings about limited use. Jon at FreeRange has assured me that FreeRange is free and fully functional).
  • Manage your RSS Feeds using the Blackjack 2 client app or on’s web front end.


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