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Name: Popup Clock v2
Author: Amarullz
Publish Date: 11/03/2008
Description: A set of different clocks taken by Windows Vista Sidebar clock gadget. Make your smartphone more similar to your PC. Enjoy!

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NRG Weather 3.0


New features:

- New 6 day forecast layout (layout #7)

- Autoupdate using Yahoo's server time. No manual control over update interval anymore.

- Revised layouts to ensure correct wrapping

- HomeScreen update feature. No need to reboot to see forecast or layout changes. This option is turned off by default because it doesn't work for everybody. If you turn it on and you see problems with your phone's radio turning off, phone becoming very slow etc... turn it off. (it's option #10)

- Added new panel to the Settings panel at the bottom for easy access to the weather updates and settings.

- "Stardock icons" are default for forecast and regular panels.

Screenshot descriptions:

1- IPhone Layout (this is the default layout)
2- Forecast Panels screenshot
3- Slim Panels Layout with the background options enabled
4- HTC Slim Layout while updating
5- HTC Slim Layout in normal mode
6- The HomeScreen with the weather plugin in its "condensed" state at the bottom, showing current conditions
7- Regular Panel Layout with no background.
8- IPhone Slim Layout


Vox Version (Currently still at 3.0.1)

Find City Code:

Search and find city code here
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UCWEB v7.0.0.41

It's a mobile browser. Enjoy a trip to wireless internet world.

- Browsing function
- Navigation function
- Search function
- Email service
- Download function
- Personal data managemet
- RSS subscription function
- Shortcut key application

Six reasons to fall in love with UCWEB

Browsing function

Are you boring with a dull WAP site? Are you upset with the blank display in a wap site? UCWEB will change all those problems on the mobile Internet! with UCWEB, you can not only visit WAP site quickly, but also the colorful WEB sites fluently, to enjoy the pleasantness of wireless thoroughly.

Navigation function

Wireless is more colorful! Information, entertainment, community, forum, blog, it’s all we have. Site navigation service recommends excellent internet sites and hot sites to you! Click! click! click! It’s so easily to access the site. Opening the site you want quickly, reading what you like, and listening what you love.

Search function

Don’t doubt the voluminous information can be searched on your mobile phone! With UCWEB, you can do it! UCWEB offers various search engines, such as Baidu, Google, Yicha, to satisfy your desire of searching the whole Internet. UCWEB supports to search by sort, such as web pages, MP3, pictures, maps,etc

Media function

Online media playback function is available in UCWWEB 6.3. You may watch the hottest TV channels and the splendid original video clips and listen to the latest popular songs on your phone with UCWEB6.3.

Download function

Beautiful pictures!MP3!Characteristic phone ring tone! UCWEB lets you get all you want. The powerful download function makes your download easily, and which make you save time and cost. UCWEB download function supports the big file download and the break points discontinuous transmission, which adopts the data compression technique to reduce the data traffic.

Personal data management

Do you regret that you can’t save the sites/pages you like? Is there no storage space for storing MP3, games? Is data lost when you change mobile phone? Don’t worry, UCWEB resolves these problems for you! It offers service such as bookmark, favorite, user can manage web sites which regularly browsed easily in mobile phone or in PC. The mobile phone hard disk is the bridge of PC and mobile phone, by which accessing the picture, MP3 and game is easy

RSS subscription function
With a mobile phone, the latest hot Internet information can be subscribed! With RSS news subscription function you can subscribe RSS seeds, and manage the RSS resource, and then read the updated details in RSS freely. You can login directly in your mobile phone, or open to subscript the RSS seeds.

Shortcut key application
With the shortcut key function, it makes the whole operation process of UCWEB simply, convenient. You can assemble shortcut keys with single key or double keys, and setup shortcut key by yourself. The customized service makes you enjoy the fully wireless happiness.

* Smartphone WM 2003
* Smartphone WM 5.0
* Smartphone WM 6.0

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In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
   And perform As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat) in the two parts of the day (Zuhr and Asr) and, in the first (near) hours of the night (Morning, Maghreb and Isha ) ; surely good deeds take away evil deeds this is a reminder to the mindful. (11/114).
  • City Selection from the menu option among  105 countriesCep Muvakkit Screenshots and 2000 cities  all over theworld.
  • Custom Location option for calculations with high precession.
  • Calculation Capability to 6 different organizations which are Muslim World League,  University Of Islamic Sciences, Karachi, Islamic Society of North America, Umm Al-Qura University, Egyptian General
    Authority of Survey and Turkey Religious Affairs or user specific parameters.
  • Calculations results are  done inside the phone without any GPRS or  any other data transfer types.
  • There is no time period  limitation to use software or get the results.
  • Canvas design see for  time left to next salat time.
  • Calculation of  israq, istiva and isfirar times to  define  Karâhat times in a day.
  • Synchronized calculation of Sun Altitude, Azimuth and Kiblah direction and distance with respect to the current position.
  • Selection of warning from multi type melody and Athan recitations.
  • Auto execution  when salat time reached.
  • Can be executed  as a process on the background.
  • Selection of Athan files according to the each salat time separately
  • Multi language support.
  • Capability to gather data from Global Positioning System during  calculations
  • Customized warning types assigned to each time  from the 8 different  types.
  • Can be seen İshraq, istiva and isfirar times to know the Karâhat bounds.
  • Defined or predefined dawn and dusk angle calculations.
  • Kiblah angle calculation according to  Magnetic North with magnetic declination. 
  • Global moonsighting algorithm is develeped according Conference of Moonsighting held in 1978.

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 CepVakit java uygulamalarını destekleyen tüm renkli ve renksiz telefonlarda çalışabilecek şekilde tasarlanmıştır.
Programın Özellikleri :
-  Ezan, alarm, titreşim ve özel mp3 ile uyarım (5 Dahili ve 5 Harici mp3 seçebilme)
-  MultiThread destekli cihazlarda arka planda çalışabilme
-  Kapalı iken uyarım zamanında otomatik olarak açılabilme
-  Güneş-Ay, pusula ve kıble saati yardımı ile kıble tayini
-  Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı 'nın namaz vakitleri
-  Uyku modu (Ekran koruyucu özelliği)
-  3 farklı yazı boyutu ayarı
-  Uyarım zamanlamaları ve ses seviyesi ayarları
- Tespih modülü
- Kaza Çetelesi
- Dini günler menüsü

Programın Çalışması :
CepVakit 'in düşük, orta ve yüksek pixel ekrana sahip telefonlarda çalışması aşağıda gösterilmektedir.


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Panoramic three-dimensional audio on WM6.

New product markets are emerging that not only require improved audio performance but also have additional audio challenges specifically with small speaker drivers and closely spaced speakers. Products such as laptop computers, advanced mobile phones with stereo speakers, and even small stereo equipped speaker cradles for MP3 players each have stereo imaging and bass performance challenges.

SRS WOW XT, which is based on the company's SRS WOW technology, was developed specifically to address products designed with closely spaced speakers drivers. In addition to the features of SRS WOW, SRS WOW XT adds specialized versions of SRS 3D and TruBass to ensure a very wide stereo image and improved low frequency performance.

SRS WOW XT(tm) provides a panoramic three-dimensional audio image and improved low frequency performance through use of specific processing controls, expressly designed for small, closely spaced speakers drivers. SRS WOW XT provides a cost-effective, demonstrable audio improvement without the need for expensive hardware design changes.
And now all this aviable for smartphone with WM6!

After installation you must reboot a smartphone before use program.

- Smartphone Windows Mobile 6.0

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Equip your Smartphone with the world’s no. 1 travel software.

WorldMate travel software for Windows Mobile Smartphone provides you with critical travel information when you need it the most.

Get WorldMate for Smartphone free of charge.

- World Clocks
- Global Weather Forecasts
- Clothing Size Converter
- Currency Converter and Exchange Rate Service
- Size & Measurement Converters
- World Day/Night Map

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This small program is a useful tool for aviation professionals that need to have an accurate calc of Moon phases and Sunrise/Sunset times. It´s free and for you
Version Requirements Download
Version Requirements Download
SunRise v 1.4
Pocket PC 2003
WM 5.0
WM 6.0
WM Download  SunRise for PPC


Chome Weather plugin

- Autoupdate according to Yahoo servers' time + 10 minutes + 1-5 random minutes (so we don't all hit the server at the same exact times)
- Update in 15 minutes when no connection is found.
- First forecast day info comes from Yahoo... the rest from
- Verbose status information as the script is running.
- Minimal set of icons to save space.
- Detailed Forecast panels can be turned off in "Advanced Options"
- Application will not automatically refresh the screen while the phone's keypad is locked.
- Built-in leftover notifications removal tool, in case you want to uninstall. See "advanced options".


1.2 Release
- Twice as fast current forecast download.
- Only one layout supported.
- Revised layout and removed the monitor, for now.
- Blue / black backgrounds behind the temp and hi low indicators, actually follow the official sunrise/sunset of the location selected.

WARNING - Do NOT install to the storage card !

* Smartphone Windows Mobile 6.0

More information:
NRG MiniWeather



VZOmobile is a mobile video chat.

It is a free program for video conferencing that works on mobile communicators. It can make video calls form your mobile device to other devices or personal computers.

VZOMobile is The First Videophone program for Windows Mobile. Mobile video call tool is easy to use and completely free.

Allows you to make video calls to other communicators and to ordinary PC`s using the Internet connection. Register on VZOchat web site and use video chat in your own way. Your friends will be able to call you from even if they are not registered on VZOchat. Also you can place web widget for video calls on your own web page.

Mobile video chat was developed by the same team as VZOchat service. If you would like to use VZOmobile, you should Register on VZOchat service to get a VZOchatID.

* Smartphone Windows Mobile 5.0
* Smartphone Windows Mobile 6.0
* Smartphone Windows Mobile 6.1

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CAB File


Developer: VirtualProjects
OS: Windows 2003, WM5, WM6, WM6.1,
Windows Smartphones (2003 - WM6),
Windows CE, Windows Vista or XP
Processor: ARM, MIPS, x86, x64
Screen: qQVGA, qVGA, VGA, WVGA
Protocols: ICQ, XMPP, GTAlk

We proudly state that PIGEON! is the first ever PDA messenger to combine all following features as well as advantages they bring into messaging:

* Finger-friendly interface which is intuitively-clear therefore that’s easy to chat on the run.
* Ultimate compatibility with different Windows Mobile Professional and Smartphone devices and screen resolutions.
* Amazingly low system requirements: only 500KB RAM and ROM added to superior workspeed even on 200MHz devices.
* Compatible with the most of additional hardware keyboards for PDAs and smartphones.
* Built-in spam filter
* Full support of UNICODE.
* Support of various instant messaging services: ICQ, XMPP, Jabber and GTalk. MSN is on its way to join these!

Well, these are the most important ones though PIGEON! just wouldn’t be itself if not the following:
* Various color schemes and skins
* Downloadable smiley packs
* Three languages are available: Russian, English and German, Czech.
* Lots of additional settings – from pop-up window to keyboard controls.

* Smartphone WM 2003
* Smartphone WM 5.0
* Smartphone WM 6.0

More information:


Download PIGEON! - 30.12.2009
Pocket PC & Smartphones

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cab zip
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Turn your Windows 7 laptop into a WiFi hotspot to share the Internet with friends, co-workers, and mobile devices.

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