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NRG Weather 3.0


New features:

- New 6 day forecast layout (layout #7)

- Autoupdate using Yahoo's server time. No manual control over update interval anymore.

- Revised layouts to ensure correct wrapping

- HomeScreen update feature. No need to reboot to see forecast or layout changes. This option is turned off by default because it doesn't work for everybody. If you turn it on and you see problems with your phone's radio turning off, phone becoming very slow etc... turn it off. (it's option #10)

- Added new panel to the Settings panel at the bottom for easy access to the weather updates and settings.

- "Stardock icons" are default for forecast and regular panels.

Screenshot descriptions:

1- IPhone Layout (this is the default layout)
2- Forecast Panels screenshot
3- Slim Panels Layout with the background options enabled
4- HTC Slim Layout while updating
5- HTC Slim Layout in normal mode
6- The HomeScreen with the weather plugin in its "condensed" state at the bottom, showing current conditions
7- Regular Panel Layout with no background.
8- IPhone Slim Layout


Vox Version (Currently still at 3.0.1)

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