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Vito Copypaste

Vito Copypaste

Requirements: Windows Mobileâ„¢ 2003 for Smartphone; Windows Mobileâ„¢ 2003 Second Edition for Smartphone; Windows Mobileâ„¢ 5.0 for Smartphone, works on my Q
Overview: System utility that greatly simplifies managing your Smartphone. CopyPaste does exactly what its name says in any editable field – edit box. Copy or cut the info from an edit box and paste it to another one. You can also select the necessary part of the edit box contents for copying or cutting to another editable field. CopyPaste saves your time and ink.

Sometimes every Smartphone user has to face the difficulty of transfering text from one edit box (any default editable field) to another on your Smartphone. Say, you need to copy a phone number from e-mail and send an sms to this number. In this case, thou funny it may sound, you still have to use a banal pen to write down the number and use it later for writing an sms. This is a big drawback of Windows Mobile platform for Smartphones. VITO CopyPaste has been developed to solve this problem with edit boxes and make Windows Mobile for Smartphones more functional.
To install VITO CopyPaste you copy the setup file to your Smartphone and run it. A second later you can bring up a context CopyPaste menu in any default edit box by press'n'holding the central joystick button. In this menu there are options to copy or cut all the text in the currently active edit box, or else choose selection mode and select the part of the text you need to copy or cut by pressing left and right joystick buttons. After you have copied or cut the necessary part of text to clipboard, you can paste it into another edit box.

You can use VITO CopyPaste to quickly launch any other VITO applications anytime and not necessarily from Today screen. If you already have other VITO programs on your Smartphone press & hold the central joystick button to launch one of them. You can do it when you are not in an edit box, otherwise a regular menu with copy/paste options appears. To do it download the corresponding ini file and place it in the same folder with VitoCopyPaste.exe.

ActiveTrace AudioNotes AudioPlayer PopupClock RingtoneEditor SmartMap TaskSwitcher VoiceDialer

VITO CopyPaste is a small utility that really simplifies managing your Smartphone and saves your time.

locked Smartphones supported
clipboard is never cleared until next copying, you can paste as many times as you wish
new languages: Ukranian, Chinese, Greek, Polish, Romanian, Czech, and Dutch
supports edit controls on web pages
quick launch of VITO software by press & hold anytime

Download Instructions:

put exe into program files folder on your smartphone
Download here


Roloracer's WM 6.5 theme for Dash
Download and More info:



|ROM||WWE|| ** EnergyROM Series 1.0 21040 - HTC Snap based ROM ** || Build 42609 |

The XIP (kernel) and SYS (main system files) are directly ported from HTC newest handset, the Snap. The drivers are ported from the HTC's latest official released ROM (the "brightpoint rom").

This ROM includes only the stock applications for now (with the exception of a few things, like omapclockset and celetask) as it's meant to be a community based ROM where we can ALL work together, chip in and make suggestions to make the fastest and best ROM for the Excalibur.

With that said, you should be aware that a coupe of applications in this ROM don't work. The HTC Album and the new HTC YouTube application. I left them in the ROM in case somebody smarter than me can figure out why they won't launch. Everything else should work okay. To activate the weather panel, use the Activate in the "\My documents" folder on the phone and reboot.

The pagepool is set at 10 megs (up from the stock 4) for better speed and general "snappiness". You can lower it yourself by using the pagepool_changer application on the ROM's nbh file. I like mine at 10 and could care less about available RAM as long as the phone is fast and responsive

I will add more as more feedback is provided, but for now let's test this first release and see how it performs I hope you like it.


Release 42709

disabled tmail from starting up at boot
disabled sqmupload service (not necessary)
disabled connection setup download service
updated to JBed java
added basehue, the SMS tools pack, and celecommand
added clockontop am\pm version

Download from US Server > Download
Download from EU Server > Download


Release 42609

- Initial Release.

Download from US Server > Download
Download from EU Server > Download


INSTRUCTIONS for flashing:

1. Run Auto.bat included in the archive. It should resent a black command prompt window.

2. Make sure you remove your storage card from the phone before the next steps.

3 .Follow the instructions in the black window. Do NOT reboot when the SDA unlocker tells you to reboot the phone. It's not necessary.

4. You might get a prompt asking you if you want to run the spl program. Just say yes. At that point you should get a white screen.

5. If for any reason you're not seeing a white screen, you did something wrong and you need to try again.

6. Flash the ROM following the instructions in the flashing utility.

You can expect the phone to be "stuck" on the green windows mobile screen for about 2 1/2 minutes the first time. After that, it should only take about 40-45 seconds for the phone to reboot.

INSTRUCTIONS for recovery in case something goes wrong:

Turn your phone completely off. While pushing the camera button, plug in your usb cable. The tricolor, bootloader screen will come up and you can flash your regular OEM ROM which can be downloaded from one of the stickies.

Special Thanks NRGZ28


AutoFlight v6.0.0

AutoFlight v6.0.0
Requirements: Smartphone2002, Smartphone2003, Smartphone2003SE ,Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone, Windows Mobile 6 Standard and Professional Smartphone.
Overview: It is a great utility and few resource occupied software for Windows Mobile device.

Content & Features:

* Switches flight mode on/off at specified time.
* Switches WiFi on/off at specified time.
* Switches Blue Tooth on/off at specified time.
* Turns power off at specified time.
* Call forwarding at specified time.
* Soft resets at specified time.
* For Smartphone version, it switches profiles at specified time. For Pocket PC version, it switches profiles among normal, silent and Meeting(=vibrate).
* Runs/Opens a program/document, include macro file for Smartphone, at specified time.
* Endues Calendar with functions listed above.
* Reports time
o Reports time hourly
o Reports time immediately by double clicking specified hotkey.
* Sets alarms.
* Locks keypad automatically and unlocks keypad or phone by pressing only one key. (for Smartphone version)
* Schedule can be set at any period.

About version 6.0.0 changes:

Switches WiFi on/off at specified time.
Switches Blue Tooth on/off at specified time.
For Windows Mobile 6 standard device, auto unlock function can be selected/unselected.
For Windows Mobile 6 Professional device, locks keys and screen automatically.

More Info:

Download Instructions:
You will find the cab file , install it and use the keygen to generate your serial


Overview: Installing GPSToday transforms your windows mobile device into a powerful contextual location aware tool.

More Info:

Download Instructions:

Standalone APP ... pp0993.CAB

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