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AutoFlight v6.0.0

AutoFlight v6.0.0
Requirements: Smartphone2002, Smartphone2003, Smartphone2003SE ,Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone, Windows Mobile 6 Standard and Professional Smartphone.
Overview: It is a great utility and few resource occupied software for Windows Mobile device.

Content & Features:

* Switches flight mode on/off at specified time.
* Switches WiFi on/off at specified time.
* Switches Blue Tooth on/off at specified time.
* Turns power off at specified time.
* Call forwarding at specified time.
* Soft resets at specified time.
* For Smartphone version, it switches profiles at specified time. For Pocket PC version, it switches profiles among normal, silent and Meeting(=vibrate).
* Runs/Opens a program/document, include macro file for Smartphone, at specified time.
* Endues Calendar with functions listed above.
* Reports time
o Reports time hourly
o Reports time immediately by double clicking specified hotkey.
* Sets alarms.
* Locks keypad automatically and unlocks keypad or phone by pressing only one key. (for Smartphone version)
* Schedule can be set at any period.

About version 6.0.0 changes:

Switches WiFi on/off at specified time.
Switches Blue Tooth on/off at specified time.
For Windows Mobile 6 standard device, auto unlock function can be selected/unselected.
For Windows Mobile 6 Professional device, locks keys and screen automatically.

More Info:

Download Instructions:
You will find the cab file , install it and use the keygen to generate your serial


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anu said...

i just tried this but anybody tell me clearly how it works. while trying for this i just visited a new website for all type phones like motorola, sonyericsson, nokia,samsung we can get the unlock code . please help me if anymore steps.

Designer said...

If you have a HTC Excalibur or other htc product and you want to unlock sim , You should send e-mail to HTC for request unlock code.They will sent code in short time..

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