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This is an HTC Excalibur ROM, based on Windows Mobile 6.5. The current build number and date can be seen in the title of this thread. This will also work on the TMobile Dash (which is what's it's primarily setup for) and any other Excalibur variations.

I always build my ROMs with three main goals.
  • Eye candy.
  • Speed!
  • Smoothness, consistency and good esthetics.

I preconfigure a lot of things in my ROM, because when I flash it on my phone, I want it ready to go, how I'd want it. So, the ringtone, sms/email and other notifications are already set, as well as a background and key shortcuts.

I usually make 2 versions of the ROM. If you don't see one in the download directory, it either means I haven't uploaded it OR I'm not making one for the current release yet.

Here are the different versions and what they mean.

  • "IE6" includes the new IE6 browser
  • "IE5" includes the older IE5 browser (less RAM being used).


Server 1 ( in Germany

Server 2 ( in Canada

Server 3
( in USA



June 17 2009 (current) :

- Vista sync settings updated
- Added USB to PC feature in Settings
- Changed keyboard driver to Tmobile driver (a shoudl be able to put the device in vibrate mode now)
- Added Resco Registry and FTP plugins (removed PHM Registry Editor)
- Fixed T9 issues
- Fixed Java shortcut, Java is back in now
- Widgets fixed
- Filesystem cache set to 0 for the OS to auto manage it. More RAM!
- Added Ricky's "extras" such as ET9 layout changed, default browser button changer, opera mini... etc
- Improved memory management.. even with IE6

June 16 2009:

- Initial Release

- Got rid of the ugly green old "windows mobile" logo at bootup.
- Added new color iconbar on the top screen with my icons. See screenshots
- Built on the latest 21812 release of the WM core for smartphone.
- Added Resco Explorer to the ROM. Removed Total Commander.


- Playing .mp4 videos in Windows Media Player still wont show video. However you can play them with anything else, like Coreplayer, tcpmp, etc
- RAM SEEMS to be on the low side at around 20-21 megs free. This is probably due to IE6 being a big fat pig, and not really meant to be installed on a device with 64 megs of RAM. This is why I will also provide a version with IE5, shortly.

Special Thanks Rom Cooker

NRGZ28 from xda devolopers


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