HTC MOBILE SMARTPHONES: WM6.5 STD 21234][Latest Build 3VO.1.20.061209 RC1
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[Released 6-22-2009]
3VO.1.30.062209 Download here <-- Get it now!
3VO.1.30.062209 Download Mirror <-- Should work outside of USA!

Changes and fixes:
* Built on the new 21812 core
* Most bugs reported fixed
* Added Performance tweaks (registry and filesystem)
* Battery life is AMAZING and ROM is very stable
* Updated JBED
* BT Fixed
* New 3VO Titamium Layout (screenshots on next post)
* All new Menus and UI
* USB Storage added
* Other apps added! Check em out!
* SMS/MMS still together (is this really a problem??)
* Added DoNew
* Additional panel colors coming (thanks Roloracer!! You da man!)
* Download the Memory Patch below to have 3-4 extra MB free!!

Working on:
* Icon highlight for easier viewing
* More Titanium Layouts
* Titamium Weather Coming sooooooon!!! (Based on NRG Miniweather, thanks NRG!)

[Released 6-12-2009]
3VO.1.20.061209 RC1 Download here <-- Get it now! Changes and fixes:
* All new 3VO 1.0 Titanium Blue Layout!
* Java fixed (new version)
* IE Fixed
* WiFi and BT fixed
* New Titanium layout (please test)
* Some Icons, backgrounds, and GUI tweaks (if you don't like em, install your own)
* If installed, SmartToolKit RC09 works well
* If desired, install "3VO Restore CHome" to revert back to original WM6.5 panels style (located in \My Documents)
* IMPORTANT: If you have Bluetooth problems, install the bluetooth patch, "3VO 1.20.061209 BT"

More info :

Special Thanks rom cooker
ookba from Xda devolopers


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