HTC MOBILE SMARTPHONES: WM6.1 080408 Final For Excalibur WWE with English - By Kavana
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WWE 6.1 with English only release

This version includes English, with eT9 Input method, MS/Cyberon Voice Command and finally, Segoe Font. Not only does this version look official but is also very fast and stable.

Perform this prior to installing ROM:
Error 270 Fix

Download Link: Windows Mobile 6.1 Final - By Kavana

File: RUU_Excalibur_WM61_Kavana_080408_WWE.exe
Size: 47127307 bytes
Modified: 2008/4/7, 21:28:34
MD5: 81E9C80DD46A334CA0F75AF00CC15B41
SHA1: 80655BEC19B24F72E34568176872C49135CE57AE
CRC32: 11F4C230

Built with ROM Update Wizard - You don't need to know how to unlock your Excalibur as everything will be done by the wizard automatically.

Excalibur WM6.1 ROM by Kavana - Based on Brightpoint 1.33

Language: English 

Works on T-Mobile Dash, HTC S620 & S621

Setup Instructions:

Run RUU_Excalibur_WM61_Kavana_080408_WWE.exe

Reboot you device

After Reboot - Choose Voice Command

MS Voice Command will be the default voice command, so if you press cancel, it will be defaulted to MS Voice Command. However, If you do choose Cyberon Voice Command, you need to reboot.(Difference between these two kinds of voice command is that Cyberon voice uses voice-tags that you record, whereas ms voice command doesn't need you to record voice tags(but spoken language only support English)

After this, install the following has the keyboard has mapping problems:

eT9 with 14 languages suppport addon(spanish, french, german and italian)

Download Link: eT9 Full

(because eT9 has lots of keymapping problems so the 080330 version changed input method back to xT9,for someone who want to add spanish, french, german and italian)


The following is built into this ROM:

0.Unread Message Alert( Reminds you every 15 Minutes - You can disable it in the sound settings, if you'd like)
3.Jbed Java VM (support full screen game)
4.Resco Explorer 6.17
5.Dot Net Compact Framework 3.5
6.OMAPClock(Overclock and also keeps chosen frequency after reboot)
7.dbExplorer 2005(it can modify vol database)
8.HTC Flash
9.Orneta Calc
10.Bluetooth FTP
11.LowLight (Touch JOGGER 3 times in 10 seconds will open Lowlight.Attention,this will maybe make your backlight always on if you don't close it.)
12.CeleTask Special Version
13.WM5torage 1.8
14.Clock On Top (12 or 24 hour style,change is in bottom of clock settings)
15.BaseHue Express
16.SMSDeliveryNotify Fix
17.PDF Reader(Original name is FoxitReader)
18.Real Media Decoder
19.MS Voice Command
20.Orneta Notepad
22.Oxios Alarms(put it in the clock&alarm settings,called all alarms)
23.xT9 with 10 kinds of languages support
HTC Connection Setup(can setup your network for Operators all over the world)

Key Shortcuts:

Double touch bottom JOGGR button to Free Memory
Long press IE will run Connection Manager
Long press #, Changes profile to Meeting
Long press Home, Run Ms Voice Command
Short Press IE, Run Celetask

Modify Shortcuts:

You can change the settings in here for desired action

You can Modify shortcut short_Camera.lnk, short_IE.lnk and short_MSG.lnk in Windows folder to change the Camera button,IE button,Message Button Mapping to the desired shortcut.

Connection Setup:

To setup GPRS and MMS ,plz execute HTC Connection Setup in StartMenu\Accessories\Connection Setup


ROM Changes

What's new in 080408 final

Update to new real WM6.1 MS Bluetooth stack
remove IrDA menu in Active Sync

What's new in 080318:

add 12 hour clockontop,and it'll be default
add spanish, french(AZERTY Layout), german(QWERTZ Layout) and italian support for et9
add options to choose voice command(Microsoft or Cyberon).
Dash keyboard map will be the default map of eT9.
Unread Message Alert will be disabled as default.
Jogger Bar run lowlight will be disabled as default.
Only PrimarySplash and OS part in nbh file
ROM Update Wizard Updated
Fixd 'z' in contact searching
ZeRo "0" Issue Has Now Been Fixed,SYM button has been fixed

What's new in 080330:

add Orneta Notepad Endlish version
change eT9 back to xT9(because eT9 has lots of keymapping problems,for someone who want to add spanish, french, german and italian)
Fix Cancle->Cancel button translate in CeleCmd
Fix ModelName shows in Vista from DopodC720W to HTC-S620
Add Radio(ver 03.07.90) part to nbh ROM file

What's new in 080314:

fix google link in IE Favorites to WWE
fix JOGGER ext settings
fix Calender default view style
change Java VM to jbed from HTC kaiser,and it has been patched to support Smartphone.

What's new in 080312:

Update to new kernel
Full English version
Fix Internet Sharing

What's new in 080308:

fix some lable translation in the JOGGER settings in English
fix the SlidingPanel Setting shortcut.
fix the items order in QuickApp
remove sms bubbles (cause wm6.1 is threading message,and smsbubbles dosen't support muti-langusge)
remove GPRS Monitor (all of the Efficasoft GPRS Monitor(also PPC version) can't work fine in WM 6.1 cause it will lost all data after every reboot)
add english interface to the PDF Reader(real name is FoxitReader, much better than Adobe Reader LE)
add settings to Clock setting to close the ClockOnTop
Update the OMAPClock ,now it can keep the frequency you set,i set the clock to 264MHz,very fast,also stable,
include HTC AudioManager


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VENKAT said...

Nice very very useful applications for me I want to install this in my HTC Diamond mobile But it locked to the T-Mobile US.I got the unlocking instructions & code in the site also i am having the Unlocking software also can anyone suggest me which is better for me.

khurram said...

when i runs the Rom update after 5% it gives the below message.
The image file is corrupted please check the update utility.

khurram said...

have installed windows 6.1 but having issue with key mapping.when i press 2 for e it writes a. :( ....fn + space key not working either

khurram khan said...

installed 6.1 it works great.but m having some problem in key mapping.numeric keys are not worrking as the part of qwerty.i have installed the et9 Xml file but dont know what to do with it.please help me out

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