HTC MOBILE SMARTPHONES: NRG Rose Rom v1.7 - Remade by Ricky and Stylez
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NRG Rose Rom v1.7 - Remade by Ricky and Stylez

New ROM for the Excalibur cooked on the new 20282.1.3.6

This ROM has new Radio (

The far more than just pretty version.


In the ROM

Esmertec Jbed JAVA 20080222.3.1 (to allow custom fonts without Opera Mini changing font)
Light Config
Resco Explorer
Chome Config FINAL (UPDATED - 2008/07/11)
OMAP Clock
Free Memory
Bluetooth Explorer
Bluetooth FTP
BT Activesync
SMSTool Pack
Opera Mini

Numerous additions:

Chome Panel
Chome Font
Chome Icon
Default Browser

Thanks to NRGZ28 for making the original ROM for his thread Click Here

For v1.5

Download here

For v1.6

Download here

For v1.7 "Final"

Download here 11\12\08 "Fixed BaseHue and amended BIOS screen"

Alternative Download: All ROMs @ 4shared

How to Flash:

Run the auto.bat in the FLASH ROM folder follow the instructions, if you get stuck @ 3% please read this post and follow directions before flash.

Hard-Reset after you flash to stop probable problems "If you didn't and have issues please Hard-Reset before posting"


Fix: Install attached
Fix: Streaming Media Player Install to device memory
Also attached the SIM Manager as found in WM6.1
Change your Rose panel .cabs


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