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Included in the ROM (3VO.3.60.122710):


  • New 23137 Windows Mobile 6.5.X Standard core (thanks dermann)
  • Updated drivers and scripts
  • ROM Performance "tune up"
  • UI Tweaks and additional Settings added for FULL customization
  • Custom Phone Canvas
  • WM 6.5 3VOLUTION Custom Titanium Sliding Panels
  • Many additional panels
  • Titanium Weather Panel (by Showaco, thanks!)
  • Option for Weather Icon on Clock Panel
  • Customized OEM packages
  • Customized splashes, backgrounds, canvas, and icons
  • New custom HTC Dialer canvas
  • Updated Settings and Scripts for better customization
  • Custom 3VO Style Menu's
Programs and Applications:
  • Latest HTC OEM Packages
  • HTC Album and Comm Manager
  • HTC Camera and Video Recorder
  • Internet Explorer 5.0
  • JBED and Opera Mini 4.2
  • CeleTask and CeleCmd
  • CHome Configurator
  • CHome Refresh
  • Office Mobile 2010 (including Pocket Word, Excel, and Powerpoint)
  • Office OneNote 2010
  • Notepad
  • Windows Live (application and Titanium Panel)
  • Remote Desktop Client
  • SIM Manager and Task Manager
  • USB to PC
  • Basehue
  • Resco Explorer and Resco Regedit
  • OMAP Clock Set and OMAP Clock GUI (set clock speeds at idle and utilization)
  • SIM tools (including threading toggler)
  • WM5torage
  • Start Menu View Toggler (toggle from icon view to list view)
  • Adobe Reader LE 2.0
  • ClockOnTop Application (Settings to enable or disable in Date/Time)
  • SMS Bubbles app (Thanks Samon)
  • Auto Keylock
  • RSS Hub
  • Light Config
  • eT9 Changer and Default Browser button selector
  • NETCF 3.5
  • 3VO Transparent Wallpaper 3.00
  • 3VO Button Customizer (Customize what your keys and buttons do)
  • ROM is Application unlocked

Flashing instructions:

** note: Your phone must be application unlocked. If it is not, please run SDA Application Unlock.exe via Activesync (attached below).
  1. Download and run SDA Application Unlock with the phone connected
  2. Remove your SD Card
  3. Download and unzip the file
  4. Run Auto.bat
  5. Follow the prompts in the DOS window
  6. Hit "continue" on your phone, screen will turn white
  7. Run RomUpdateUtility.exe (if it doesn't run via the script)
  8. The flash will take about 8-10 minutes
  9. Upon first boot, it will seem frozen for a few minutes, maybe even go black. This is NORMAL!
  10. After first boot, I recommend doing a hard reset (Clear Storage)
  11. Enjoy your new ROM!
In case something goes wrong:
  1. Remove the battery and the SD Card--> Put ONLY the battery back in.
  2. While holding the camera button, press the power button
  3. The multicolor boot screen will pop up
  4. Plug in the USB cable and flash back your shipped (HTC) ROM
  5. Find out what went wrong and reflash this ROM properly
See  "unbricking" guide here:
[Release 3.60 12-27-2010]
3VO.3.60.122710 Download Here
3VO.3.60.122710 Download SMS Patc

Source: XDA Devolopers


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New 23137 Windows Mobile 6.5.X Standard core.

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Advance Programs and Applications in New 23137 Windows Mobile 6.5.X Standard.

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