HTC MOBILE SMARTPHONES: Titanium CAnalogClock 0.6.3b – WM6.5 Analog clock Plugin
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Titanium CAnalogClock
Titanium CAnalogClock

Titanium CAnalogClock is a replacement for the default Titanium CClock. Supports all resolution WVGA/VGA/WQVGA/QVGA/QVGA Square. You will need to manually enable CAnalogClock by going into Start > utilities > CanalogClock Options and going into the “System” page and selecting “CAnalogClock as default clock”, if it’s already selected, just save the changes. Installation Instructions:
-Make you you’ve got MortScript and latest .net Compact Framework installed first!
-Download the attached .cab (at the bottom of this post)
-Install the cab to System Memory (Not Storage Card)
-CAnalogClock will not take over your default Titanium clock by default. You will need to go to Start > Utilities > CAnalogClock Options, tap the system button and select CAnalogClock as default clock, then tap save.
Configuring Options:
-You will find the configuration menu under Start > utilities > AnalogClockOptions.

Download HERE


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