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ImageImageMagazin.Softimage Dont Forget v2.61 Bilingual
Requirements: XScale.Smartphone2005
Overview: DontForget is easy-to-use and highly customizable Windows Mobile application that can repeatedly remind you of unread SMS text messages, unread MMS multimedia messages, missed calls, unread E-mails and missed calendar events by sound, vibration, notification window or hardware LED. Never miss important event like appointment or urgent call again.
But it is not just an extension for Windows Mobile operating system which should already be present and preinstalled, DontForget also can do much more. In example you can schedule to automatically switch your device to certain profile, switch to the Flight-mode (Phone off) (or switch the device completelly off) in given time of deactivation. You also can schedule to automatically reboot your device in preset weekdays and time and much more. Application can also handle or disable standard „on-air“ LED blinking also on devices (like HTC clones) where the LEDs are controled on hardware level. And finally, by purchasing the license you automatically get technical support, updates and future enhancements and the income is used to contribute to special school for sightless children



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