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Now You Can Remote Access Your PC On Your T-Mobile Dash, Read The Steps Carefully!

Steps:  See Video Tutorial

  1. Go To And Setup An Account Free Or Pro
  2. After That Download Setup File On Your Windows Desktop
  3. Now From Your Excalibur Navigate Your Pocket Internet Explorer (PIE) To
  4. Enter Your Email And Password Used While Creating Account
  5. It Will Say You To Download File Download It
  6. Now Download WinCe Cab Manager On Your PC
  7. Open The Downloaded Via WinCe Cab Manager
  8. Edit It : Click At Maximum OS Version And Change It To 6.5
  9. Then Uncheck All Under Unsupported Platforms
  10. Save Changes And Exit
  11. Now Install (Edited) On Your Excalibur
  12. At The End Download FakeCursor
  13. Remote Desktop By Navigating Your (PIE) On Excalibur To
  14. You Are Done Enjoy!!


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