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This release is available for the Windows Mobile 6 software platform. If you're viewing this on an Windows Mobile device, install Fennec.
Don't have a Windows Mobile device? Don't worry, you can still experiment with Fennec, provide feedback, write add-ons, and get involved by installing a version of Fennec for your desktop PC:
While the destkop versions of Fennec are not supported products, they are a great way to familiarize yourself with the Fennec UI, provide feedback, build add-ons, or even localize it to your native language.

What's in this version?

New for Alpha 3:
  • Much improved panning/scrolling performance
  • Improved start-up time
  • Revised theme
  • Support for running in full screen
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Improved painting performance
  • Improved UI polish
  • Support for touch sensitive directional pad on HTC devices
  • Improved kinetic panning with directional locking
  • Ability to scroll frames
  • Improved zooming support
  • Support for multiple screen sizes
This builds upon the feature set of the previous releases:
Easy navigation to Web content:
  • Bookmarks, including tags
  • Smart URL bar ("awesome bar")
  • Tabbed browsing with thumbnail images
  • Integrated Web search - built into the URL bar
  • Easy access to multiple search engines
  • Built in error console
  • Support for add-ons
Web content:
  • Maximize content by auto-hiding controls and URL bar
  • Zoom in and out
  • Instant Web site ID ("Larry")
  • Password manager
  • Popup blocker
  • Clear private data
Devices services integration:
  • Click on a phone number to initiate a call
  • JavaScript API to get device location
  • Searchable download manager
  • Preferences pane
  • Add-ons manager, including ability to directly find and install add-ons

Installing Fennec

System requirements:
  • Windows Mobile device running Windows Mobile Professional 6.0 of greater.
Install a version of Fennec for your desktop PC:


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