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Yahoo! Go 3.0 Beta

Yahoo! Go 3.0 Beta is now available for the Windows Mobile Smartphone …and it looks amazing.

Yahoo! Go 3.0 has an incredibly sleek interface and is light years ahead of the competition as a mobile dashboard.

Yahoo! Go 3.0

If you are a Yahoo! user this is a MUST have. If you haven’t decided on your Web Application company of choice (Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft) and are a heavy mobile user, definitely check this out!

If you’re in the Yahoo! camp, then this application is for you. It is a dashboard that give you quick access to all your favorite Yahoo! applications including: Yahoo! Mail, Flickr, Yahoo! Maps, Finance/Stocks, Weather and much more. You can also install third-party widgets for things like eBay, MySpace and MTV News that you can download from within Yahoo!Go 3.0 Beta (goto the Settings page) or from the Yahoo! mobile Web site.

Yahoo!Go makes me wish i liked the rest of their products!

I was unable to follow the download Hyperlink in the SMS Message using Opera Mobile – I had to open the link in PocketIE.

Thanks to David Hersh for tipping me off that Yahoo!Go is available for the Windows Mobile Smartphone.



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