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SPBattMet (Battery Meter)

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After installing Windows Mobile 6.1 I decided to give Saman’s Smartphone Battery Meter another try. This battery meter puts a very thin battery meter at the very top of the screen. It gives you a really good idea how much batter life you have, much better than the default 4 bar battery meter that is default.

For some reason I didn’t like this battery meter as much when I was running Windows Mobile 6.0 – I think because it made the top icon bar feel too cramped.

When installing you may be notified that “this program was developed for a previous version of windows”. This is OK, continue installing.

After installing, restart your Windows Mobile Smartphone.

SPBattMet (Battery Meter)
(The battery bar is kind of hard to see in this picture, it’s much mroe visible on a smartphone screen)


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