HTC MOBILE SMARTPHONES: New wm 6.5 (23017 ver 2.0) by AlekSS. Release 15.08
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New wm 6.5 (23017 ver 2.0) by AlekSS. Release 15.08

Whats new in 2.0 ver:

Start Menu configurator;
Keylock configurator;
Some registry tweaks;
All Start menu icons was repaint custom (not from snap or anywere else);

Download here.


ver. 1.0
Included in the ROM:

1. New 23017 wm 6.5 core
2. Resco Explorer with all plugins as default file explorer
3. Cele Task with Cele Cmd & Light Config (longpress IE button)
4. HTC Album
5. Reboot in QuickList
6. ClockOnTop & ClockOnTop24 (with menu item in Date and Time menu)
7. Some houmscreens
8. Custom menu
9. Custom icons in Start Menu
10. HTC weather
11. Removed IE 6, included IE 5
12. QWERTY by me (Russian, English)
13. Audio Manager
14. Connection Setup
15. USBtoPC
16. Some registry tweaks:
- registry is unlocked
- check of certificates of programs is switched - off
- added some additional camera modes (Burst, Sport, Video Share)
- MaxConnectionPerServer canged to 8
and some others tweaks

Changed bootsplash , changed SlidingPanel home (correctly show time)

Download here.

Special Thanks Rom Cookers
AlekSS-881980 from Xda Devolopers Forum