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What Is It?

A program that copies ALL the contacts from your SIM card into the phone's contacts database. The phone will set the first name, and file as fields of the contact with the SIM contact's name field, and of course the mobile phone field with the phone number. The contact will also be assigned the category SIM so that you can easily identify the contacts that were copied from the SIM card.


The O2XPhone doesn't come with a SIMManager program that allowed people to quickly copy their contacts on their SIM card to the Outlook Contacts database on the phone. Since the phone DIDN'T come with the program users had to copy the contacts manually one by one, and was giving people a lot of headaches... so what to do? I decided to make this as an exercise to see how to Interop in the .Net CF!

How Do I Use It?

Although I've tested the program, and have found it to be working on my phone I don't have the resources to say 100% "Yes the program does work without causing any adverse effects!" So this here is the little disclaimer telling you that Marauderz will not be responsible if your phone blows up or something due to the use of this program ;)

First you download the cab file here. (If you have a Pocket PC Phone, you need this instead) Then copy the file to your phone and run it using the file explorer. A warning will appear stating the program is not trustworthy.. (cause I don't have money to get a signing certificate :P) just say yes to proceed and install the program. Once installation is complete you'll find the program M2SimCopy in your Accessorries folder of your Start Menu. Just run it (another security warning...), select Options and then Do Copy (at which point ANOTHER security warning) and all your SIM contacts will be copied to your phone memory. And that's it!


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