HTC MOBILE SMARTPHONES: CorePlayer 1.3.2a Build 6909
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CorePlayer 1.3.2a Build 6909
Requirements: WM2003, WM5, WM6
Overview: CorePlayer™ Mobile is at the center of the CoreCodec™ Universe for playing multimedia on your mobile phone, portable media players, PDA, GPS or convergence device. CorePlayer™ is truly the next-generation in multimedia playback. Its simple yet powerful interface and advanced features is designed to empower the CoreCodec™ community.

Version 1.3.2a build 6909 (20090428):
- FIX: Misc CoreUI crashes & fixes
- FIX: Some colour conversions
- FIX: Playback of some MKV files (like the ones from Azureus Vuze)
- FIX: Better timestamp handling in MPEG formats
- FIX: Crash with some BMP files
- FIX: Better multi DPI skin handling
- FIX: Some WinCE file association
- FIX: WinCE: Make the external protocol launcher (RTSP) less blocking
- FIX: MIPS: Mono to Stereo upmixing
- ADD: Handle LATM AAC streams
- ADD: Handle cover art in WMA/ASF/WMV files
- ADD: Handle more greyscale PNG formats
- ADD: Support Login/Password for HTTP proxies (both manual and auto)
- ADD: Store the Cover Art URL in the Media Library for later use
- ADD: Added Polish and Slovak translations
- ADD: WinCE: Use the GPRS connection of the operator when available (if no wlan)
- ADD: WinCE: Use the proxy information from the GPRS connection in use
- ADD: WinCE: Optional windowed mode in native WinCE
- CHG: Adjust the MPEG ES/TS detection threshold for better accuracy
- Hundreds of other changes
- Now working with WM2003

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