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VITO AudioNotes

VITO AudioNotes 1.32
VITO AudioNotes is a Windows Mobile call recorder that allows you to record phone calls on Windows Mobile 5 Smartphones in decent mp3 and wav audio formats. Voice recording on smartphones has never been so simple before VITO AudioNotes!

Apart from being a phone call recorder VITO AudioNotes also allows recording voice notes, lectures, interviews, negotiations and anything else you like. With this Windows Mobile voice recorder you will never lose yourself in heaps of audio recording formats wondering which is better. A student, a businessman or a housewife - no matter what you do - with AudioNotes you don't need to be computer savvy!

VITO AudioNotes is a wm5 recorder capable of phone call recording on most Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphones.
VITO AudioNotes is a wm6 recorder capable of phone call recording on some Windows Mobile 6.0 Smartphones.
VITO AudioNotes also works on Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphones but does not record phone calls on these Windows Mobile Smartphones.

Supported devices: Cingular 3125, Cingular 2125, HTC Faraday, T-Mobile SDA US, HTC Tornado, Orange SPV C700, HTC Oxygen, Orange SPV C100, Dopod 310, HTC S310, I-mate SP5m, I-mate SP5, O2 XDA Graphite (Asus Jupiter), O2 XDA Orion, O2 XDA IQ, I-mate Smartflip, Qtek 8300, Qtek 8500, Qtek 8310, HTC Startrek, HTC Tornado, Orange SPV F600, I-Mate SPL, I-Mate SP JAS, HTC Breeze 160, Dopod 595, Dopod 577W

VITO AudioNotes 1.32
Audionotes Manual(pdf)


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