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G-Alarm v1.5.1

G-Alarm v1.5.1

For Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Mobile 6.1 (with touchscreen only)
by ageye

G-Alarm is a reliable and very powerful alarm clock with probably more features than any other alarm software. You can define unlimited alarms of different types, you can set your own music files to wake you up (mp3, wma, wav, ogg, mp4, aac), customize the look and optionally choose between two special wake-up mechanisms: If you want to, you can set G-Alarm to force you to guide a ball through mazes or solve a calculation task before you can snooze or stop the alarm.

• Skinnable user interface (Lots of skins are available here)
• Customizable today plugin which shows you all your alarms and lets you activate or deactivate them with one click
• Define unlimited alarms with many options
• Choose between different alarm types
• Define playlists with unlimited mp3/wma/ogg/aac/m4a/wav files for each alarm
• Schedule the start of executable files
• Force a specific volume if the device is on vibration mode or muted
• Tilt sensor support (only on supported devices)
• and more..

Download: Click Here

Installation instructions for G-Alarm

How to install .cab files

Download the .cab file to your computer. If you can download it directly to your PDA just jump to point 4.
Copy the .cab file to your PDA via ActiveSync, Windows Mobile device center or Bluetooth.
Although the downloaded file may look like an archive, don't extract it! Simply copy the file as you downloaded it to your PDA!
Turn your computer off because you don't need it anymore ;-)
On your PDA: Browse to where you downloaded/copied the file with the file explorer.
Click on the file - an installation screen should now appear.
Follow the steps (installation directly on your device/ROM is recommended for G-Alarm) and finish the installation.
You can find the installed tool under Programs.
Have fun with it!
If G-Alarm tells you that it needs a newer version of the .NET Compact Framework you can find it here.


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