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Backing Up Your Mobile Device
Don't forget that the award winning Sprite Backup is bundled with many HTC devices - check the companion CD that came with your device. Sprite Software also offer discounted upgrades to the latest version of Sprite Backup and some great value special discounts if you purchase other software such as Sprite Terminator or Sprite Archie with the upgrade. For more information see the Sprite Software website

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Backup your Mobile Device with PocketBackup

Finally: Data Security for Windows Mobile Smartphones and Pocket-PC!Most of us have learned the importance of a data backup the hard and painful way. The differences between Windows Mobile devices and Desktop PC are getting lesser and lesser. Now it is everyday business to work with Excel sheets, listen to music and to create Word and notes documents on the Pocket PC while on the go.
With PocketBackup you can secure your data reliably and automatically!
Sprite Backup is a great and very popular backup utility for Pocket PC


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